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Summer solstice is finally here—the official start of the summer season, though many of us have been unofficially celebrating the warm weather these past few weeks.  Marking the longest day of the year, June 21st serves as the perfect time to take a minute and envision your best summer yet. Far too often summer time slips through our fingers and sooner than we know (or want), Fall has arrived and our dreams of beachside BBQs and flag football are replaced with itchy sweaters and a demanding workload. While everyone’s definition of a ‘perfect summer’ may vary, here are some suggestions to get you moving in the right direction.

Get out there!

Staying active this time of year can seem like a drag when you could be lounging at the beach with friends, but why not do both? Water sports like kayaking, canoeing, and especially paddle boarding are great ways to get in shape with friends, while soaking up some rays (after proper application of SPF, of course). If your friends aren’t the outdoors-y type, websites like offer a way for you to join pre-planned group activities and also give you the ability to create meet ups of your own. Don’t forget to check out local gym schedules for fun water workout… And no, we’re not talking about your grandmother’s swim cap and synchronized swimming days, many gyms offer rigorous pool workouts and other outdoor activities.

Make It a Picnic.

Food always tastes better when enjoyed outdoors, so pick your favorite spot and sprawl out. If you’re flying solo or looking for something casual, pack a simple sandwich in a grocery bag, grab some headphones or speakers, and you’ll be on your way to a relaxing meal. If you’re looking to add a few friends to the mix, don’t assume you’ll need to plan days in advance. Picnics are supposed to be stress-free, so keep it that way. Hit up your favorite local sandwich shop and ask to have a few of their best sellers cut-up into smaller portions to share. Grab a big comfy blanket, a few bottles of your favorite beverage, and plenty of snacks. Other than that, all you need to enjoy a summer picnic worth remembering is some decent weather and good company. (Oh and some napkins, definitely bring some napkins.)

Cross it off the list.

It’s always great to hear all of your friend’s amazing summer stories, but it’s about time you start making some of those memories on your own. Making a ‘bucket list’ is the perfect way to gather your lifelong goals, as well as the things you want to accomplish before the summer’s end– all in one convenient checklist. Just to give you an idea, here’s our sample summer bucket list:

  • Learn how to scuba dive
  • Teach myself Spanish
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Clean my closet that I’ve been avoiding for months
  • Get more involved in my community
  • Start exercising

Make an effort to complete one list item a week and make your precious summer hours not just unforgettable, but also productive!

Hostess with the Mostest.

People tend to lose touch with one another the long winter, so why not throw a to reconnect with friends. The amount of times we’ve said to someone “we should definitely get together more often, it’s been way too long!” are countless, so step up to the plate and play host for an evening. Whether you send out a formal invite in the mail or shoot friends a text that very morning for a more lax gathering, everyone will appreciate your effort and arrive ready to have a great time. Never hosted a get together before? No need to fret, these articles and blogs offer simple yet useful advice on how to be a great host.

Rachael Ray’s Tips For Hosting!

Be A Stress-Free Host!


Summer goes by quickly, so turn those “wish I could have” statements into “so glad I did” memories. Hopefully this has inspired you to make the most of it, now get out there and enjoy it!

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It’s Not Too Late To Get Dad Something Great!



They are there to watch us wobble though our first bike ride, kill that spider we pretend we’re not afraid of, talk us through changing our first flat tire, and too often give us the advice we need, but don’t necessarily want. Father’s Day is fast approaching, June 16th, and instead of waiting last minute to buy a gift for your beloved dad (yes, we’re all guilty of this), think about planning ahead this year to avoid the sell-out time crunch. With so many different options in the tech market, we’ve made it easy for you to find the perfect techie gift for your dad!

For The Grill Master


Grill Right Wireless Talking BBQ/Oven Thermometer ($49.99)









Summer time equals BBQ time. Instead of being glued to the grill to make sure those steaks are cooked to perfection, give dad the freedom to roam with this wireless, voice alert thermometer that lets you know then your entrée is ready for feasting.

For The Family Man


Mixbook Personalized Photo Book (prices vary)








Celebrate dad and make your Kodak memories last in this customizable photo book. Flip through the years and re-live your favorite family moments one page at a time. Choose from numerous different sizes, formats, and themes to best fit your dad.

For The On-The-Go Dad

The Toddy Smart Cloth ($9.99)









Keep that screen clean! The Toddy Smart Cloth eliminates messiness and residue often left behind by screen sprays and instead offers a fast, effective, and stylish way to leave your screen fingerprint-free. Available in many different colors and patterns.

For The Golf Enthusiast

Garmin Approach® S1($179.99)



Tee time tech– This sport watch has the ability to measure shots on thousands of pre-loaded courses all over the US & Canada, and can even measure how far you’ve walked on the course!

For The Forgetful Dad

Proximo™ – Proximity Monitoring System ($59.99)











Your dad might have everything, but that doesn’t mean he can find it. This app-enabled security system can help eliminate those countless “oh-no!” moments by tracking the belongings he ‘tags’ and sends him an alert whenever he is more than a set distance away.

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Top Tech Pranks of 2013

In honor of April Fool’s Day, some of our favorite tech companies have pulled off some pretty great pranks this year. Check out these clever tricks to see how fun April Fool’s can get when pranks go high-tech…

Google Maps

Google claimed that its Street View team discovered the long-lost treasure map of William “Captain” Kidd, digitizing the 315-year-old map through Google Maps so anyone would be able to decipher it and find the treasure. They encouraged Google fans to work together and solve the mystery (before revealing on April 2nd that it was a Google engineer posting the whole scheme as a joke).

Google Treasure Map

Google Nose

Beyond its Google Maps prank, the search giant also unveiled a new “smellable” search function called Google Nose. Upon searching terms like campsite, Grandpa’s hat, mothballs, daisies, or maple syrup, a “Smell” button would appear alongside the search results describing the object’s odor. As one fun example, the “Aromabase” described the scent of Abraham Lincoln as the smell of an “old, musty, remnant of American history.” If only this “15 million senti-byte system” really existed!


Twitter announced this April Fool’s Day that it would be splitting its service into two platforms. Inspired by the famous “I’d like to buy a vowel” phrase from Wheel of Fortune, the regular would become a paid service, charging $5/month for using vowels, and there would be a new website called Twttr for consonant-only posts and interactions. Twitter encouraged people to advertise this new site with hashtags #nvwls or #icanhasvowels. To see the full April Fool’s business plan, check out Twitter’s blog.



Perhaps the least far-fetched foolish prank of this year was Sony’s new line of tech products for pets: Animalia. The products were targeted at cats, dogs, and hamsters, including In-Cage Speakers, a K9 4K television, and M3-OW KittyCans. As silly as it may sound, we wouldn’t be surprised to see #techforpets like Animalia coming out sometime in the future…

Sony Animalia

Virgin Atlantic

Wish every seat in the plane could have a window seat? Well, Virgin Atlantic vowed to make those dreams come true with the release of the world’s first glass-bottomed plane, offering a view of “stunning landscapes from the comfort of your seat.” Virgin Atlantic’s blog goes into the engineering details of it all, but the pictures speak for themselves—this would certainly be a startling flight feature!

virgin atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Glass-Bottomed Plane

We can’t wait to see what lies in store for next years’ April Fool’s Day! What’s the best prank you’ve ever seen?

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from HeyWire!

happy st. patty's day

Here in Boston, we go “heywire” on March 17th each year, and 2013 is no exception. The city is filled with Irish fun, from the pubs to the parade, and we can’t wait for some of the events Boston has in store. Here are just a few of the things going on around the city this weekend that you might want to check out with friends and family…


St. Patty’s Day Boat Cruise

This ship will sail along Boston Harbor for two hours on the eve of the big day, from 4-6 pm. At just $21/person, anyone can hop on the Belle for a fun night apart from the crazy crowds.

St. Patty’s Luck of the Irish PubCrawl

What would St. Patrick’s Day be without a good bar crawl? This one starts in Faneuil Hall at 10 am and goes to Mija bar, Hard Rock Café, Good Bar, and Times Irish Pub. Don’t forget to register ahead of time if you want to join in!

“A Pot Full of Wishes” Make-a-Wish Fundraiser


The Make-a-Wish Foundation is hosting its 8th annual “Pot Full of Wishes” fundraiser at Sweet Caroline’s form 5-9 pm, hosted by the Chi Omega Greater Boston Alumnae Chapter. Tickets start at $25, and the event will include live music, food, drinks, a silent auction, a grab bag, and a raffle full of prizes!


“ShamROCK Your Body” Fitness Class


Boston Sports Club knows the best way to cure a holiday hangover: they’re offering a free 30-minute class for anyone who’s interested at various locations from 9-11 am. What are you waiting for? Sign up and sham-rock your body!

South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Did you know Boston held the country’s first St. Patrick’s Day parade in 1737? By far the most famous Boston event for this holiday, the South Boston parade is one event you don’t want to miss! Starting in Southie at 1 pm, you’re sure to have a fun time!

Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall

Head on over to Faneuil Hall’s Quincy Market for some free authentic Irish music and dance all afternoon, from 11 am to 4 pm!

Dropkick Murphy’s Concert


They’ll be “shipping up to Boston” to rock out at the House of Blues at 6 pm this Sunday, so grab your green garb and buy tickets!

Lansdowne Pub


Live music, authentic Irish food…what’s not to love? Head over to Lansdowne Pub to join their 4th annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration, starting at 10 am.

How will you spend St. Patty’s Day? Tweet us @GoHeyWire to tell us about your adventures this weekend!



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Happy 9th Birthday, Facebook!

Exactly nine years ago, Facebook was officially launched in Mark Zuckerberg’s historic Harvard dorm room. To commemorate the occasion, here are five of the funniest faux-Facebook statuses we’ve found online. From Abe Lincoln to Galileo, these wall posts are sure to have you laughing!

Abe Lincoln

Ancient Asteroid

Adam and Eve


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Evolution of the iPhone: 2007 to 2012

Remember a time when our phones didn’t have music, or apps, or touchscreens? The iPhone changed the role of cell phones forever back in 2007, but the revolution didn’t stop there. The iPhone has continued to change and improve almost every year since its first release—taking a look at how far the iPhone has come in just 5 years, we can’t help but wonder what’s next!


The Original iPhone

iPhone 2007

The iPhone was originally announced in January 2007 at the MacWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, and it wasn’t released until six months later. While it came with iTunes, Google Maps, Safari, Weather, and Stocks, there was no such thing as “apps,” quite yet. Originally sold at $499, the first iPhone was certainly a luxury, especially with its touchscreen, which was not a common feature on phones at that time.


The iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G 2008

The next model was known as the iPhone 3G, and it came in two colors: black and white. This version came with upgraded features like geo-tagging photos, but most importantly included the addition of the App Store and third-party apps like HeyWire and bandwagon!


The iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS 2009

The iPhone 3GS was faster than ever, and included a higher-resolution camera with zoom, flash, auto-focus, and the ability to record videos. Other added features were a compass, voice control, and the ability to copy/paste. (Seriously, can you imagine your iPhone without copy/paste?)

February 2011

The iPhone 4

iPhone 4

Apple was right when they said the iPhone 4 changed everything…again. The biggest difference was the actual design of the phone; among other improvements, it had flat surfaces, smaller dimensions, and a metal rim containing the phone’s antenna (which caused a lot of controversy over dropped calls and lost reception, at first). The iPhone 4 also included a front-facing camera, iBooks, and the capability to group apps into separate folders.

October 2011

The iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

Although most iPhone lovers were anticipating the rumored iPhone 5 at the time, the release of the 4S was still a success; Apple sold over 4 million devices in the first three days, alone. The biggest addition was Siri, of course, which made having an iPhone an even more interactive experience; iPhone owners could now use speech-to-text, and also hold a quasi conversation with their phones. (Did you know Siri stands for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface?)

September 2012

The iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Anyone who is lucky enough to own the newest version of the iPhone knows that this model is certainly “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone,” as Apple says. It’s slimmer, lighter, has a bigger screen, and requires a new dock connecter called “Lightning.” The release of the iPhone 5 also came with the introduction of iOS 6 software, whose most notable upgrades are in Google Maps, and Passbook—an application that helps organize boarding passes, admission tickets, coupons, etc.


So, what will the iPhone 6 bring? Or iPhone 6S? Or iPhone 10? Will it have an unbreakable design? A 3D camera? A holographic display? Telepathic text messaging? Only time will tell!



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New Year, New Resolutions!

It’s that time of year again! With the coming of 2013, we all get a fresh start to make new goals for ourselves…so have you made your list of New Year’s resolutions yet? If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are some of the resolutions we’ve made here at HeyWire. Now go write your own, and most importantly, have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Spend less, save more

No need to break the piggybank this year! Start with little tips like these, and you’ll start to see your bill get slimmer and slimmer. Build a budget. Search for sales. Eat out of your pantry and get rid of those groceries that have been around for months before you shop for more. Go for generic brands. Carry big bills in your wallet—you’re less likely to spend money when you’re carrying a $20 bill than a $5!

Keep a journal

No time for a nap? Don’t want to splurge on a massage? Try writing in a journal—reflection can be extremely therapeutic, and it gives you a written record of memories to look back on a few years down the road!

Accept imperfection

New year’s resolutions aren’t always about changing who you are and what you do—you have to love yourself, too! Being human is not about being perfect, so the next time you’re being self-critical or self-conscious, just look in the mirror and be happy with who you are :)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Whether we’re being lazy, or we just don’t know the difference between recycling paper, plastic, batteries, electronics, and food, helping the environment isn’t usually at the top of our priority list. This year, make an effort and take five minutes to get informed! To see what you can do to go green, check out EPA’s website (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency):

Do more random acts of kindness

There’s nothing more satisfying than spreading joy and good cheer, so even after the holiday season passes, try to do a random act of kindness for a stranger every once in a while. You’d be surprised how much fun it can be! Check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s website for inspiration: 

Fit in fitness

We all have insanely busy schedules, and it’s never easy to get up and go to the gym, but if you’ve been avoiding weekly workouts like we have, now is the time to get back into the habit! Fit fitness somewhere into your schedule, whether it’s a morning jog, an afternoon bike ride, or yoga right before you go to bed.

Drink more water

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or just like to stay healthy, H20 is the way to go. We may not need eight glasses per day, but it’s a good idea to keep a water bottle by your side throughout the day. Water is a great substitute for high-calorie drinks, it helps energize your muscles, keeps your skin healthy and wrinkle-free, and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Go get a glass right now!

Don’t let stress get the best of you

It’s okay to be stressed every once in a while; we all face challenges that are worth stressing about, but don’t let yourself get lost in stress all the time! Will whatever you’re worrying about matter next week? Next year? Ten years from now? Remember to breathe, smile, laugh, and let go of the little things :)

Cross an item off your bucket list

Have you always wanted to travel more? Learn a song on piano? Start growing a garden? Well, now is the time! Pick one thing you’ve always wanted to do, and just go for it!



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Top 10 Tech Gifts for Your Wish List

With the holidays arriving, all of us here at HeyWire thought we’d put together a list of our favorite gadgets, as gift ideas (or maybe something just for you!) Once you see these tech toys, you’ll be adding all of them to your wish list this year!

1. Magic Wand Remote Control

Any Harry Potter fan will fall in love with this gift instantly—who needs a remote control when you can turn on the television with a flick of the wrist?

wand remote control

2. Solio Bolt Solar Charger

Save energy and go solar! With this charger, all you need to get your smartphone or camera battery going is a little sunshine :)

solar charger

3. Frozen Treat Maker

Love frozen yogurt, but want to lose all the calories? This machine, the Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker, turns bananas into a creamy frozen treat with the consistency of soft-serve!

frozen treat maker

4. iPhone Arcade

This brilliant gadget, brought to you by Arcadie, turns your iPhone into a full-out arcade, where you can play games using a joystick, buttons, and all!

iphone arcade

5. The Bar10der

It’s the “Swiss Army Knife for Bartenders”: this 10-in-1 tool has a stirrer, strainer, corkscrew, jigger, bottle opener, and more.


6. Texting-Tip Gloves

Texting all the time is so easy with touch-screen technology, but not when it’s freezing cold outside! These gloves let you text and protect your fingers at the same time. A must-have!

texting gloves

7. Pick Punch

This one’s for the guitar players! With this special punch, you can make guitar picks out of anything!

pick punch

8. Mimbots USB Flash Drives

Everyone needs a USB at one point or another, so why not make it more fun? These 8 GB flash drives come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from Superman, to Yoda, to Albert Einstein.

USB drives

9. Livescribe Echo SmartPen

This device is designed to record audio while you take notes, and even links the time of the audio track with your written notes, so you can review them together later on. Although it’s a bit pricey, this new and improved version is a serious study helper—a great gift for students, no doubt!

LiveScribe pen

10. iPhone Case Bottle Opener

It’s simple, but brilliant: an iPhone case with a built-in bottle opener? Perfect for beer lovers, or anyone who wants to be the talk of the party!

 iPhone case bottle opener


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Sharing is Caring! Win a $250 gift card just for sharing HeyWire

This year, at the HeyWire workshop, we’re working hard to make the holidays special for you. As a big thanks, we’re giving you a chance to win a special gift from us!

Spread the HeyWire love to your family & friends and enter to win a $250 gift card! Buy something special for your loved one’s, or for yourself…(we won’t tell ;) )

To enter for a chance to win, tell 3 friends to download/register for HeyWire and send them a holiday message.

Need inspiration?! Click here for a list of our fav holiday inspired messages. And, don’t forget to tell them about the contest, so they can enter for a chance to win.

Remember, the more friends you invite, the greater your chance to win! To enter, email us a list with 3 (or more) names and their HeyWire numbers to

Check out the full contest rules here.

Happy Holiday’s HeyWirer’s and good luck!

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Trivia Time: How Much Do You Know About the U.S. Presidents?

Did you know James Madison and Thomas Jefferson once got arrested together? Or that Barack Obama collects Spiderman comics? There are lots of little known facts about our presidents, and in honor of the upcoming election, we thought we’d put together some trivia questions about them!

Test your knowledge with this quick quiz, and don’t forget to follow our Election Wagon for all the latest updates on the presidential race!

1. Which U.S. President is the only one to ever be a licensed bartender?

A. Abraham Lincoln

B. Jimmy Carter

C. John F. Kennedy

2. What does Barack Obama’s first name mean in Swahili?

A. Peaceful river

B. Wood carver

C. One who is blessed

3. As a young boy, Rutherford Hayes fought lyssophobia, which is:

A. The fear of going insane

B. The fear of three-legged animals

C. The fear of furniture with feet

4. Who was the first president to be born a U.S. citizen?

A. George Washington

B. Martin Van Buren

C. James Madison

5. Can you name all four presidents whose faces appear on Mount Rushmore?

6. Which of the following is one of James Garfield’s talents?

A. He could walk on stilts while juggling at the same time

B. He was an avid saxophone player

C. He could simultaneously write in Latin with one hand and Greek in the other

7. True or False? No president has ever served without a first lady.

8. Before the White House became known as White House, what did people call it?

A. The President’s Palace

B. The Executive Mansion

C. The President’s House

D. All of the Above

9. True or False? Only ten U.S. Presidents have been only children.

10. John Tyler had the most children of any president. How many children did he have?

A. 15

B. 9

C. 6





1.         A) Abraham Lincoln. He co-owned a bar called Berry & Lincoln in Illinois!

2.         C) One who is blessed

3.         A) The fear of going insane

4.         B) Martin Van Buren (all others before him were born British subjects!)

5.         George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln

6.         C) He could simultaneously write in Latin with one hand and Greek in the other

7.         False! James Buchanan never married.

8.         D) All the Above

9.         False! There has never been a U.S. President who was an only child.

10.       A) 15. He had eight children with his first wife, and seven with his second.

(He was 70 years old when his last child was born!)



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