Free Unlimited Texting with our Heywire Facebook App!

If you’re a HeyWire user, we’ve hooked you up with FREE unlimited texting and tweeting with our new HeyWire Facebook App!

Now you can start a text conversation on your phone and continue it on your PC or Mac through the HeyWire Facebook App.

Just use your existing HeyWire number & password to login.
You can even import all your mobile phone contacts right to the HeyWire Facebook App!

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  • Gilbertowen

    If it is free texting, why are you asking for Facebook credits in order to use your app?

    • MediaFriends

      Our Facebook application is free for all of our mobile application users.

  • Marta

    I live in FL, USA my friends living in Canada, which apps I Need of the Canada apps or USA apps?

  • Blueorange2003

    if this app is free then why did I just get a bill for $280 ON MY ROGERS BILL!!!! 

    • MediaFriends

      As a HeyWire user, there are no charges from HeyWire to use the service. All incoming texts to your HeyWire number go through our servers rather than your phone’s SMS plan, and all outgoing texts from HeyWire are sent through our servers rather than your phone’s SMS plan. HeyWire uses your phone’s data connection to communicate. We would recommend that you review your bill with Rogers to see the cause, and maybe identify whether data roaming was in place.

  • Sc

    Some months ago I wrote an article on this site about the great difference between Rogers Wireless and Telus Mobility customer service.
    At the time a rep from Rogers commented on the post. (you can read the comment below the original article)
    He apologized for the trouble I was having with Rogers and promised to share the post internally so that they might work through a solution to their customer service issues. Chris the rep, appreciated my comments and did a great job at engaging me via my post.
    Skip ahead 3 months to today and guess what? No more word from Chris, nothing even approaching customer service from Rogers.
    But wait, it gets a bit better.
    Have you heard of Haywire? Haywire is an app that kids with the ipod touch can use to text back and forth with each other for free. However, if a Haywire user texts, I dunno, say 12 year old friend with a regular, let’s call it a Rogers, phone, guess what happens?
    The kid with the phone is charged 75¢/text incoming and outgoing. There is no warning that comes with any of these texts and by the time we realized that she had wracked up a $200 texting tab on her “unlimited texting” plan there was another month of texts.
    So I called Rogers.
    Of course there was nothing Rogers could do about these charges. “It would be the same with every other company ma’am” was the answer.
    How many times have you heard that? “It would be the same with all the other providers”?
    What would happen if one company decided that enough is enough? What would happen if one company went above and beyond the bottom line and absorbed the first month of any unexpected charges? (after that it would be the customer’s responsibility to monitor)
    What if?
    It’s a bold notion. The idea that one company could see the benefit of providing their customers with the kind of customer service that would cement a loyal relationship for years to come. That’s crazy!
    Think about how you would feel if you had a bill arrive that was meant to be $40 and was $230. What if you could call your provider and have them take off those charges because they came from a service that no one had heard of previously? Would you be thankful? Would you sing their praises? Would you be loyal?
    I have heard many other comments about Rogers and their inability to provide value to their customers. Rogers works on the old model of make money at all costs, damn the customer, there’s another one waiting in the wings.
    I am still fighting with them about this bill but I’m less annoyed with that than with Chris not following up. If Chris is on the team to engage via social media and blogs then he should have followed up.
    Social Media is all about engagement. Talk to your customers, find out what they need/want, be human, be receptive, be reasonable and be smart.
    Sorry Rogers, as long as you continue to provide horrible customer service and allow that model to run your social media as well you will be in my FAIL pile along with a few others. I’ll be posting my TOP SOCIAL MEDIA FAILS in the next few days. Watch out for it!

  • Lalokitahbella19

    How can i delete my account

  • Mish

    Is dis app free if u text a sprint # that doesn’t have haywire?

    • Alexandra Freyer

      Texting is free if you are using heywire, however the recipient may recieve charges if texting is not included in his/her provider package.

  • KRoyal

    Could I use HeyWire even if my phone is out of service? 

    • Alexandra Freyer

      You can use heywire as long as you have a data connection. HeyWire uses data no a texting plan. Let us know if we can be of anymore assistance @

  • Joe Morstein

    I am using Heywire on my Toshiba Thrive…works great.  I’ve tried to load it on my PC and it takes me to a box asking for my HW phone #.  I input the number, but my password doesn’t work and the warning keeps telling I need to get my “new” password for my PC?  Not having any success….can somebody help, Please 


    • Alexandra Freyer

      Hey Joe – Sorry you are having troubles accessing your account. I would first try resetting the password on your mobile device which you can do in settings. If that does not work, send us an email @ and we can take a look at what is happening there.

  • heywireadmin


    HeyWire is always free to send texts, but if the recipient doesn’t have a texting plan they will get charged to receive it. In order to avoid this, you can both text for free back and forth app to app. You will need to download the free app and he can then text you on your HeyWire number and you will no longer receive any charges. Hope this helps!

  • Linus Cox

    Well someone is harassing me with your app and I want to know who it is !!!

  • Linus Cox

    Well someone is harassing me with your app and I want to know who it is !!!

  • Linus Cox

    Well someone is harassing me with your app and I want to know who it is !!! I have the number just want to know a name!!

  • Laura Weiler

    this is rediculous.. someone is haressing me with your app and also treatining me,, i have the number its comming from can it be traced as to who it is?? if not my question to you is why would you have such a app?? ……………………… please respond at ………………….. ……….. this is the number the harressing is comming from 702 356 0268

  • Brianna

    I am being harassed by someone using your app and there should be a way to locate where the texts are coming from and who is using the app. sexual harassments is not something that should be taken seriously and haywire should help the victims that there product caused.

  • Harassed

    and what about us that are being harrassed and even extorted through this service? Someone was texting using this service demanding that I owe money but could/would not provide any account information but wanted me to send money through GreenDot…I didn’t of course…or they would have me arrested. I was harassed, threatened and extorted and I have no recourse because you made them anonymous

  • a pissed of black women

    Some one is txting me from yall shit telling me my husband is cheating on me wit some bitch n she is prego by him u need to let me kno who the fuck it is b4 I go off cuz I kno where this girl lives I dont do anything stupid plz tell me we is txting me plz