Heywire Announces: New Picture Messaging!

Attention Heywirers!

While you have been hard at work on your summer tans, our Heywire team has been shunning the sun like the cast of True Blood, in favor of the glow of computer screens to bring you our newest Heywire feature: Free Picture Messaging!

Spawned by the frustrations of one of our Heywire all-star developers, Nic, when he desperately wanted to send a photo of the Kenny G doppelganger one morning on the Green Line to Randall (another one of our brilliants), but realized he could merely text a description of the perfectly coiled mass of hair…the mission for free photo messaging commenced!

After countless hours, and 49 million test photos, via our diligent summer interns, of a cookie that remarkably resembled David Bowie’s hair cut, the feature is here!

Now, instead of only texting your friends back home about your epic night partying in Cabo over labor day weekend, you can send a photo perfectly depicting your feet in the sand, your hand grasping an ice-cold Corona complete with condensation, surrounded by your newly tanned, bikini-clad friends, devilishly relishing in your one-up on your friend’s weekend plans.

Android users rejoice! You have an all-access VIP pass to this new feature which allows you to send photos and pictures from your phone’s library free via multiple Heywire platforms, including text (SMS) and to your Facebook friends. You can send free unlimited messages to mobile devices in 45+ countries, and any Heywire number worldwide.  Needless to say, we are pumped.

iOS users, sit tight! We heart you too, and your feature is coming soon!

Stay tuned for a PHOTO CONTEST, as well!

Now go forth and dust off your camera lenses…it’s time to get Heywired!

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  • Vikash

    Is it possible to get a Canadian number for texting ? My gf lives in Canada so thought if it would be possible ?

    • Aaron

      Download Heywire Canada.

  • Flores3260

    Does my friends have to install heywire to send me pics

  • Anonymni-

    I can’t receive pictures from my contacts, do they have to instal heywire to do this?

    • Kaylie

      Yes you have to install the app

  • anon

    I can’t download the picture from message, long tap only gives me the option of forward, reloading or delete.

  • Joecoolmath

    Please don’t forget to include WP users too!

  • Arie

    I Can Send Pics But People Dont See Them And I Cant Recieve Pics Either… Why ?